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  • Continuous Improvement in Safety

    2021 Mar, 18 - by Admin

    At Genesis, we believe that continuous improvement in all aspects of business is crucial in increasing our values, not only for our company but also for our customer.


How GENESIS warehouse quality support customer business

2021 Mar, 22 - by Admin

In E-commerce warehouse operations, high velocity of goods movement is to be expected. Anything that can be done to support high velocity goods movement in the operation is highly appreciated. As much as possible, any disruption to goods movement in warehouse is to be minimized or even eliminated.

From warehouse building quality point of view, one critical factor to support this target of uninterrupted goods movement is the quality of warehouse floor. It is to be understood that, high velocity of goods movement will create high abrasive force on the floor, and overtime, can deteriorate the quality of the floor or even completely damaged the floor. Damaged floor is basically equal to interrupted flow in warehouse operation.

When one of the top 3 E-commerce platforms in Indonesia awarded GENESIS with a lease contract, GENESIS understood the needs to support uninterrupted goods movement in warehouse operation.

Even though the existing warehouse floor is already meeting the customer standard, GENESIS decided to upgrade the quality of warehouse floor to ensure that the expectation of high velocity goods movement will always be met, not just for now days but even for many years to come.

GENESIS selected to apply a Polyurethane based coating to improve the floor resistance to abrasion. This coating is guaranteed to be damaged free for many years to come.

As a result, the customer does not have to be concerned about damaged warehouse floor impeding the flows of goods during operation. The customer can simply put their focus on their main business and grow their business.